Barış has a passion for inspiring and informing Real Estate Professionals and sales people with great content and dynamic delivery for 12 years. He has spoken in Turkey, USA, Argentina, Germany, Romania, Greece, and Austria, giving as many as 150 presentations per year. He also shared the stage with Tom Ferry and David Knox. He helps organlzatlons proflt by presentlng wlth lmpact and persuadlng with ease. He gave more than 1900 days of seminars and trainings for more than 180 companies all around the world. He is the founder of Powerstart Training for new Agents and also Powercamp mentoring program for Brokers. He is also a certified RE/MAX Collection Trainer. Other than RE/MAX, some of Barış’s clients include: Hilton, HP, Vodafone, United Nations FAO, Ferrero, Bosch, 3M, Hyundai, RCCL, H&M, Securitas. Barış is the author of a best selling book ‘Codes of Sales’.